Top Stock Picks

Meggan Walsh works with the Invesco Diversified Dividend A and has done so for nine years.  Her top stock picks are…

  1. General Mills: She says that General Mills is a strong brand.  The stock has a 3% yield which is inexpensive compared to the value of the company.
  2. Kimberly-Clark: This company has  a 4% yield and the dividend seems to increase each year.
  3. SunTrust Banks: Meggan believes that as the economy recovers the management will be able to grow profits.

She says that in order to be successful it is important to not focus on just the payouts.  Instead, it is important to focus on the total return between the stock’s dividend and the change in share price.  She said that it is important to find a company that will provide a 35% total return over the next two or three years.

As you are investing in stocks you have to ensure that you are wise about the choice of stocks.  Take time to do your research and ensure that you are completely comfortable with the stocks that you are investing your hard earned money in.


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