Baby Step 7

The final step in the Dave Ramsey plan!  Baby step 7 is to get to the point where your money works harder than you do: Build wealth (mutual funds, real estate, etc.), have fun, and give to charity!

Getting to this point is the pinnacel of anyone’s financial life.  Having your money working for you all the time, instead of working against you, is the ultimate goal.

Once you have hit this point, remember that your money needs a helping hand.  Invest!  Invest and invest some more.  Now that you don’t have to keep giving your money to banks (or other financial supporters), you have the opportunity to do what you want with it.  Gaining more is always a good option.

Having fun with your money and giving your hard earned money to those in need are also excellent options.  Getting here is what will keep you going through the other six steps.  Good job!